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04 The Mind of Hand does Art work

A research between nature and culture. I assume that the nature is perfect as it is and human is somewhat different, because he is manipulating and changing nature.

I'm interested in the process of what happens to a meeting of a human with unspoiled nature. What is that makes one change nature and where and how an aesthetic moment awakes.

I try it like a handcrafter, to create something out of bare material, to be used as something useful. And which is not useful before, it needs to be adapted, changed, what to do to make it like this.

I try to be naive, like i don't know there is technology and tools that make it possible to create things. I just want to see what I can do with my hands and simple tools in the nature without any kind of infulence. Created objects are simple, without meaning, just some wood, sticks ect.

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