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05 Sketch for a Temple

With the project Sketch for a Temple I continue the discovery of the relationship between human and space, the ways of perception and the influence of the space made with natural materials. To this I add images of the world religions and my own personal mythology. The use of natural, organic materials is present in most of my projects, the second is the question of the perception of the space, physical, mental and spiritual. Sketch of a Temple presents a mobile, spiral shaped construction. It's walls are wooden, covered with clay plaster, the roof is covered with hay. The temple resembles a tribal african house. On the walls of the building I constructed reliefs presenting the images from the big world religions and my personal mythology. The first outside, the second on the inside. As a contrast to both I added in the middle of the space a symbolical object of the contemporary technologicaly developed civilization. This is a computer screen playing the movie Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, which is to be watched on an ascetic meditation seat.

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