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06 Grounding of the gallery space/Grounding of the church nave

“Descending to the Earth I would call the moment when the body and mind, the thought and movement are in harmony. I walk through the forrest and I feel it as a space surrounding me. I look at the tree and I become interested in how it looks from closer. I approach it and the roughness of the bark invites me to touch it. We look with the touch as well. They say that all our senses in evolution come from the skin, from the touch, even the eyes are covered with a soft layer of skin. With the eyes we touch as well…”

»But then, the gaze is selecting, cuting, controling, manipulating. I wish to see less and feel more.«
In the work Sketch of a tree, (which is called »a sketch«, because of the anticipation of its developement) I was searching for a way to create a space that invokes a certain kind of perception. Perception from within the body. In everyday life we become aware of our bodies when something goes wrong, when there is pain, a warning. We become aware of the situation when the »normal, constant« is crushed.

It was a contemplation on various influences of different spaces on our perception, awareness and state of own corporeality. In the gallery space I tried to create an ambient, wich would shift ones everyday state of being into a body aware atentive being in the space. More about this, you can read in a text written for the exhibiton: Sketch of a tree.

In the work Grounding of the gallery space or Grounding of the church nave manifested the idea starting with the previous project to its whole. The illusion is cleared. The gallery space is grounded, in there is a tree growing and the people are walking barefoot on the soil.

(-still just for a moment in time, in a specific space, a gallery, it's an idea, a wish, an utopia, one can be disturbed by the idealization of the doing but one can also surrender to the intention and just relax…)

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