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08 Home

What is truly temporal, not necessarily universal but lasting through generations, centuries, or even millenniums of our existence? Something observable, something each one of us can observe, from a point of view different for each one of us, not like the world separated from the borders of our skin around us but the world within and around the body coming from the being in the body.

Where are the borders of my experience written down on paper or spoken out loud? What is an idea of an art work? For me it is the everyday. What is everyday might be particularly specific, but nothing special, not as fascinating, political, problematic or romantic. Being as it always is, without picking differences, taking the content for the artwork by denial of the importance of the content of everyday life. What is left?
I’m interested in creating an artwork that takes the ground away from the audience, because there is nothing more to know, be spoken of, to be seen, all that is left is the given moment of being within your own body.

I try to make a space that creates the observers body. A space made of traps that catch ones sensibilities. Becoming aware of the body as a home, a safe place, where one feels comfortable, surrounded by the familiar, warm, friendly, necessary. But what is then home if there is no content, if all that is left is you, naked, without family, culture, objects, etc. I invite you to take of your shoes and step inside and let your body observe the space.

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