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10 Drava

This work was made for the project EKO ART Maribor, a group exhibition, which takes place annually in the city Maribor for many years and takes the river Drava and ecology as its theme.

I stepped towards this project through a prism of simplification. I asked myself what is the simplest way of grasping the river Drava and clean water. Out of the equasion came gravel and water. Gravel I collected with friends from the river banks and took them to gallery space and arranged them there in a line symbolizing the flow of the river. The gravel is grey when dry, that's why I put to it a bowl of water with a few droppers, which the visitors could play with, and drop sprinkles of water on the gravel to see its colours and shapes. Dry gravel looks like desert from far above. When watered it changes to a colourful landscape. Like this it is an analogy of macrocosm and microcosm.

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